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Bank feed - French Banque Populaire Occitane

Hi, Any chance of a feed from this bank please? They are part of a group who claim to be using TransferWire - https://www.boursedescredits.com/actualite-groupe-bpce-ouvre-open-banking-partenariat-transferwise-19312.php

Hello @bernie

As I mentioned in the other thread, we are currently working on getting the more popular banks linked up through Open Banking. We may be able to add this bank in the future, but unfortunately I can’t give any timelines on this at present.


Many thanks for the quick responses. I can work with importing statements for now.

One little additional little thing, though. Against a bank account, it is currently possible to record the account and sort codes. Would it be possible to be able to record the IBAN and BIC codes as well please? Also possibly customer numbers for building societies as well?

Many thanks,