Bank Feed from Natwest current account

Dear Garry

I am trying to download from Natwest transactions to Quickfile and this message keeps on appearing. Could you help me solve the problem.

Export Failed!
Incorrect account number or authentication key. Please ensure you have enabled file imports on your Quick File account and the credentials supplied are correct.


I would recommend taking a look at the guide here:

How to use the plugin - The Basics

I have just attempted to import some transactions from my Natwest business current into quickfile. All seemed to work ok in so much as I received a confirmatory message to say they had successfully come into quickfile. However, on checking, I do not see the dashboard indication to say there are items to synch so not sure what has happened or indeed where they have gone! Any help would be appreciated.

The sync button usually comes on the screen in quickfile after ten minutes. Therefore if you are successful uploading from Natwest to Quickfile, you need to wait a while till it comes up onto quickfile screen.

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