Bank feed has not imported the balance?

Hi All,

Just wondered if anyone could help. I have set up a feed from my bank account, although it seems like it has connected and obtained something, it has only obtained the last transaction.
Not only this but imagine if my account balance was zero. the last transaction was -30… so the balance reads -30.
Only problem is, the balance wasnt 0 before that transaction. that transaction was also the last transaction, not the only one.

Is there a way i can import data or set it up so it pulls everything from a given date or at worst everything from the day of account opening?

Any help or an arrow in the right direction would be much appreciated


You need to add your opening balance.

Barclays feed only pulls in automatically from the date which you setup, it doesn’t go back in pull historic data, for that you’d need to import a CSV or set an opening balance in the bank account settings screen.

thanks for your help, much appreciated

thanks for your help also, much appreciated… will try the advice given :smile:

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