Bank feed hasn't run for a week

Hi all

I looking for some advise. My bank feed is at present not linking to my bank account. It dropped out once before but returned after a couple of day ( duplicating all transaction for that time).

This time its been out for just over a week - The bank feed is showing as active with my bank account and the expiry date is several months away. Any help,would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Hi @Amanda

What type of bank feed are you using, and for what bank?

Have you tried refreshing the bank feed? I’ve found that the Yodlee feed for Barclaycard (non-business) will stop about every couple of months because the authentication expires or something, so when I notice that it hasn’t updated and I know there were transactions I do a manual refresh, enter the password when prompted, and then it runs automatically again for a couple of months.

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