Bank feed misses transactions

In my bank account (barclays) I have received two different amounts, both on the 11th march 21. QF bank feed has only found one on them. I have manually updated feed, still not there. Can you help please

Is it possible that the missing amount is still a kind of pending/not 100% cleared on your bank account? Some transaction may show up on your bank statement but are still in process.

Hi, thanks for response. I checked and its cleared funds. two amounts on 11/03/21, and there are other cleared payments out and receipts in, after that date that bank feed has picked up. tried refreshing the feed a couple of times, and the amount in question is still invisible to QF. very odd!!

Hi @peterjsimmonds,

Do you see any errors when you refresh your feed? Have you checked that the feed is working correctly: Banking >> Open Banking Feeds will show you the links you have and the connected accounts

Hi, cheers for your suggestions;

  1. the feed appears to be working in as much as there are no error messages when i refresh. now i note that qf is not seeing any transactions after 11 march 21, and there are a few.
  2. when i follow Banking >> Open Banking Feeds the status shows as ok. however, when i click on the ‘more info’ tab, it says we were unable to connect to your bank. the ‘balance’ and ‘beneficiaries’ says the same.


Hi @peterjsimmonds,

It may be worth removing the feed and re-adding it to restart the connection.

Hi, tried that. items still missing and only goes back to 11th March 21 and there are 4 transactions since then that it doesnt see.

When i try to refresh, i get a screen offering to go back uo to 1000 transactions. not sure what to do here. it offers me a box where i cab set a date, but im not sure if this means it will download everything from the date i set forward, or backward.

i’d be very grateful for any suggestions.

Hi @peterjsimmonds,

If you set the refresh date to the 11th March this will then pull anything in that is missing. It won’t duplicate entries unless you have entered anything manually (it may not recognise as a duplicate).

Hooray!! what a star, that the trick, all is present and correct. many thanks Beth. regards Pete

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