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Bank Feed Missing data

Hi there, I am missing 10 months of bank feed, I think because I created the account, the trial ran out and then when I re activated it I had missed out on 10 months. How can I rectify this, can I delete bank and re-add? I can’t seem to work out how to do that.


No. You can only go back so far with a bank feed. You’ll need to download statements from your bank and upload the missing months.

Hi @handyrenovations

Depending on the bank you can usually go back 100 transactions or a few weeks when you reconnect the feed. But you will need to download your statements to upload them for the rest of the missing period

OK, will uploading statements work with Tide Bank?

Hi @handyrenovations

Yes bank statement uploads will work with any bank account. If the option of your bank is not in the drop down when processing the upload then you can select '“other” and manually map thr columns.

If you can get a csv download from your bank this works the best

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