Bank feed not reconciling

I have been using Quickfile for around 10 years. All works well apart from the bank feed. During that tme i have used HSBC, Lloyd’s and now Starling and although they all connected with my account fine some of my payments out seem to get missed giving me an incorrect balance. Has anyone else experienced this and if so did you find a solution?

Hello @Kevin_Linnell

Occasionally the feed may pause or stop for a period of time, this is usually because the bank is doing maintenance to their systems.

We can re run the feeds (most banks allow us to do this for the prior 30 days), if you contact us as soon as it happens we can usually recover the transactions.

For transactions earlier than this you would either have to import a bank statement or enter the transactions manually.

If your balance is out I would recommend reconciling your bank.(Please see the article below)


I have reconciled many times but because it misses so many payments, it never tallies with the correct total. I tried this yesterday inputting March to present date and there was over £5000 not accounted for.

Hi @Kevin_Linnell

The bank feed is restricted to being able to go back to around 28 days at most, so transactions from March won’t import. This is a bank restriction rather than a QuickFile one.

The best approach for now is to reconcile the account using bank statements to ensure nothing is missing, and manually add in anything that is missing.

If you notice anything missing on a feed going forward, please let us know ASAP so we can investigate as soon as possible, and while the bank still presents this data to us.


I will try adding manually and see what happens. As a check I did try reconciling just the last 28 days but it still said I was over by £3154. As I said previously, it doesn’t seem to have a problem with incoming payments but seems to miss a lot of outgoing transactions.

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