Bank feed not updated - could it be related to issues with the bank?


My bank feed was not updated since 06/08/18 it may be due to some fraud problems I had recently? What I need to do in order to have everything up to date?

Thank you!

Hi @Mihaela_Carp1

What type of bank feed is it (Yodlee, QuickFile Barclays Feed, Chrome extension)?

Without looking into it further, I can’t confirm what the issue would be. But if your login details have been changed for example because of the fraud issues, then this is likely to be related.


Thanks for the reply! I use Yodlee


In that case, if you go to the bank statement view, select More Options >> Refresh bank feed, it should try and update. If the login details are incorrect, it will prompt you to enter them.

If it goes through fine, let me know and we’ll take another look to see why it hasn’t run for you recently.

All working now,thanks for the help!

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