Bank feed not working


I uploaded a csv file of our bank feed just now but the balance doesn’t add up properly.

I have had 118 transactions uploaded today. The transactions themselves have uploaded properly. But the final balance doesn’t add up properly. For eg: in page 2, I have 50 transactions adding up to £1325.50. But the balance has increased by only £830. I have a similar issue in page 1 as well, where the 50 transactions add up to £1441 but the balance has increased by only £115.5. Please could someone look into this?



Please note that the balance in the “Banking” page is coming up correctly. But when I click on the current account which has these transactions, the page with the full statement shows the wrong balance


We don’t import the balance, we only import the transactions, we then deduce the balance by summing up the individual items. Are you sure all items were imported, or perhaps there’s some duplication?

Can you identify where the balance goes out, i.e. on what date?


OK you confirmed the balance on the main page is correct so you must have imported the items correctly. Will take a look at the account for you.


This problems is isolated to accounts with over 100 bank entries on a single day when viewing that same day. The scope is very limited. It’s an odd quirk around how it works out the running balance, but the overall account balance and bank records are fine! It’s been referred and we will provide an update, probably on Monday.


I fix just went live that will resolve the running balance issue. Please let me know if there are any further problems.

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