Bank Feed plug-in disable specific bank

Hi is there any way to disable individual banks on the plug-in. Every time I log into my personal Natwest account it tries to fill out the form - I don’t have a business account with Natwest anymore so there aren’t any details for the plug-in to enter so I presume it enters nothing which creates a problem - my Natwest login page tells me I have entered the wrong information.

Hi @scoobeski

It shouldn’t be logging you in automatically. The log in process requires you to press the ‘log in’ button on the plug-in itself.

However, you could try clearing your cache and cookies which may help. You could also Press F12 and take a look at your local storage, which may show you the data used by QuickFile:

(Example shown is for HSBC).

You can right click any of these and delete them too.

I’ve tried all those things. Originally thought it was a bug with the Natwest site and Chrome, but according to Natwest thats not the case, only other thing I can think of is the quickfile plug-in.

Easiest way to rule it out would be to disable the Quickfile plugin.

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Ok, so I tried disabling the plug-in and it works fine, no issues, enabled plug-in again and the same errors happen. There is no information saved for that account and it shouldn’t be doing anything, so bit concerned.

This is what the error looks like:

And this is the plug-in drop down to show there is nothing saved:

Any information used by the plug in is stored in local storage (i.e. cookies), so if any data is stored, it would be on your own computer.

The way I mentioned above would show you if any data is being kept. The names may vary depending on the bank. If there’s no entries similar to those above, then it shouldn’t be doing anything.

I’ve testing this with HSBC, I’ve deleted the entries, and it it doesn’t do anything now.

I’ve deleted cookies and histories. It’s with Natwest tho, not hsbc

The set up is the same. Here’s a list of the details stored for NatWest:

I’ve just deleted all these stored on my computer, and it’s not trying to automatically log in. The bar does appear, but it asks me to log in as normal as if I didn’t have the QuickFile plugin installed

Well, like i said i have deleted history, cookies and all the things you said but it’s still doing it. If i disable it it works fine, enable it again and the problem returns.

Any ideas how i can stop this happening? Its really annoying and i’m concerned my account will get locked if it keeps happening


I’ve referred this to our dev team to see if there’s anything which could be causing this.

Can you try this now please, and let me know how you get on?

Works fine now! Thanks guys :slight_smile: