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Hi - I’m trying to use the bank feed to import my nat west banking transactions from the beginning of this year. I already imported the final 3 months of last year a while ago. The Chrome extension is supposed to have been installed and certainly the QF logo is showing. I use chrome normally. The key is also shown in my bank settings on Quickfile and it’s showing as enabled. In the ‘help’ details it says I ‘should see a settings panel hovering at the top of the screen’ which shows ‘capture from date’ and ‘import statement’ etc. This is not showing anywhere. I can see that there’s some forum talk on this already, but I can confirm that I haven’t checked any ‘remember me’ boxes which you say to uncheck. Any advice? Tim

There was a similar post here as another user was having the same issue. It turned out that Natwest made some minor changes to their forms which broke the feed. We updated this and re-published to Chrome last Friday. I can confirm this now works for me on our test account.

Can you go into your Chrome Settings and click the Extensions option. You should see the QF Bank Feeds extension, can you confirm you’re on version 1.27?

If you aren’t just uninstall it and reinstall from here.

I can confirm that it is version 1.27 and it’s checked as enabled. Any other advice?

So if you point your browser to the following link it’s not appearing?

This is what I see:

Yes, sorry, I was looking in the wrong place for the Quickfile plug in banner. Believe it or not, I thought that was supposed to be on the Quickfile site, not the Nat West site.
I think I’ve now managed to get all the reserve account transactions posted into the current account, so I suppose I have to go through and manually delete all these and then re-import them into the correct account, don’t I?
I’ve noticed that there now seems to be a lot of ‘Confirm’ tabs, rather than ‘Tag me’ tabs in the Quickfile banking section. I can’t remember seeing those before.

‘Confirm’ tags are usually where the payment has found a bank tagging rule to match it against.

Have you set up any bank tagging rules?

Is it a new account too? If so, you could just wipe the account clean, but this would delete everything. Otherwise, you can do a mass delete by ticking the little box next to the blue bar, and click ‘Delete Selected’

Or you can just tick the lines you need and click ‘Delete Selected’

Hope this helps

Yes, I think that must be it as the confirm tabs are against all the transfers between accounts. Thanks.

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