Bank feed plugin - Santander registration number

I have so far not been able to use the quick app for importing bank statements- its asking me for a registration number- I don’t recall having or setting one and I can see an option to reset- and its not accepting my bank reg assuming this is not the number they are after please advise?

Are you trying to connect to a Santander account? If this is the case the registration number is issued by Santander and will form a part of your login credentials.

yes it is santander- i tried the reg no. which i use for my normal login and it said it was wrong… it works for the normal route to login so not sure why this is glitching out?

Whatever you’re entering here:

Needs to go here on the bank feed settings:

I tried this on my test account and it worked fine, are you sure it’s the reg number that’s causing the glitch? Are you entering this exactly how you’re entering on the normal login?