Bank Feed Problem

Ive delayed asking about this as I thought Id let Christams go by and maybe the problem would sort itself.
I have about 14 receipts that are showing in the acutal bank as purchases gone out but I cant find them in Quickfile
The dates are December 2020 around 7-21st as you can see on 2nd screen shot



Hi @Rosie,

There were some changes made at the beginning of the month to the transferwise feed, we noticed that transactions were taking longer to become ‘booked’. These transactions all happened before we made the changes. You may be able to refresh the feed to bring them in but they might be from too long ago now.

You should be able to upload a statement with these transactions, or If you’d like us to see if we can pull them in then please send a message to @QFSupport with your QuickFile account number and the date range.

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Hi Beth
Thanks for the reply.
Ive tried refreshing feed but as that doesnt work if I can ask the team to do it thatd be great

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