Bank feed refresh - how can I refresh from 2 months ago?

Natwest deactivated my bank feed connection some time back during the lockdown and I have reactivated it and want to refresh my bank feed from 12th June 2020 but a message displays saying that the maximum allowed is 14 days.I have talked to Natwest and they tell me there is no restriction at their end. So how can I refresh my account to the date I want?

Hi @Caz9596

Unfortunately what Natwest has told you is incorrect, as there is a restriction on the length of time we can access the data.

However, let me send you a private message and I’ll take a look to see what’s permitted here.

I’m with NatWest, and you can download a csv statement from the point it stopped, to the point you started auto bank feeds again.

NatWest allow you to go back 7 years if needed, on statements dowload, not auto feed though, think it’s 30 days.


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