Bank feed setting change

The bank feed stopped and reconnected the wrong account. I am trying to re-connect the correct account and when I put in the 16 digit card number it is requesting it is saying that that is incorrect but im 100% sure it is correct. I have never had to go through these steps to set this up before. I am meeting with the client tomorrow so if I could get some instruction on how to fix this, or even if there is another way around it
Account: 6131515661


Hi @lisaefc

Can you please let us know what bank this feed is for, and what type of feed it is please?

Yes It is a Barclays feed and I believe the setting is open bank feed. Maybe we need to change it to a yodel feed?

Yodlee isn’t available any longer for Barclays I’m afraid. The Open Banking feed has replaced this.

The reason I asked is because you mentioned about entering a 16 digit card number. Where were you doing this?

So when it said to reconnect a bank feed I clicked yes. Then it asked how so I clicked using the pin sentry and it asked for either the membership number or 16 digit card number. I put in the card number but it still wasn’t working

This sounds like it’s on the Barclays website rather than on QuickFile. If it’s not accepting your details, I’m afraid this would be an issue that would need to be raised with Barclays directly.

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