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Bank Feed Stopped working 11-Nov-21

Hi, My bank feed has stopped working around the middle of Oct. Everything suggests it is ok, but no transactions are being imported. I can revoke and reimplement the permission if this will help. Thanks for any advice.


Hi Don,

It’s always worth trying to remove/revoke and then re-add the feed to reset it. Once you have done that you can refresh the feed back to when the transactions stopped importing. If the feed still isn’t working then please let us know and we can look at some other things.

Can I just ask which bank your feed is with?

Thanks Beth, I will try that now. We are with Lloyds.

I have reset the feed - now 90 days remaining. How do I refresh it back to the prior date as you suggest. Thanks.

Hi @Donquick

If you go into the bank account view, you can then select Options and then Refresh feed, you should then be able to set the date for the refresh

Oh, I didn’t know about that, great feature. Thanks Beth.

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