Bank Feed Subscription receipt issue again

I am so sorry I missed the topic closing deadline because of the bank holiday.

many thanks to Beth for her reply to my issue:

"|### QFBeth via QuickFile Unsubscribe|25 May 2021, 10:51 (6 days ago)||

You cant tag a receipt to a payment you would have to tag it to an invoice. You would need to generate the invoice either from the receipt hub or you can create it from the payment. You would then be able to tag the receipt file"

I am sorry - this is very counter intuitive; since I purchased the service from Quickfile (paid for bank feed subscription)- How can I created an invoice??!?! I am a customer in this instance and the invoice is meant to be provided by Quickfile.
I tried creating a purchase, but am unable to tag it to the bank feed- to allocate money spent.
invoices are meant for income items. do you mean i need to create a “spending” invoice?
sorry, your reply raised more questions than answers…
thank you


Hi There,

I tried again it it worked… mysteries of software! Still don’t know how though. Never mind…Thank you for your continuous support !


For reference the qf team mean purchase invoice. Not sales invoice.

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