Bank Feed Subscription receipt

I recently purchases a bank feed subscription from Quickfile (of course), but can not find the recede, so am unable to tag this transactions. Ironic.

Can someone advise where it is or if I can request it, please? Thank you


Hi, click on Account Settings and then look for Quickfile Billing (about number 7 from the top) or enter this into your browser:
On that page you can find the invoices. The only thing, you don’t find the invoices next to the subscription, you find them next to the payment line.
Hope this helps

Thanks! I found the receipt, managed to upload it to the receipt hub; but- the system would not tag it to the transaction/ feed. it does not seem to recognise it as a payment to a supplier or something like that.
why would that be? I tried tagging bank feeds and receipt- no luck. please help. thank you


Hi @Vidart

You cant tag a receipt to a payment you would have to tag it to an invoice. You would need to generate the invoice either from the receipt hub or you can create it from the payment. You would then be able to tag the receipt file

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