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Bank Feed Trial and Setup

I am new to this form of Help service, so please bear with me.
I started a Bank Feed Trial (using NatWest) a few weeks back and quite quickly a load of transactions appeared in my Quickfile account. I must have used some wrong settings somewhere as I found I now had a whole lot of duplicate entries which I had to deal with.
I expected the feed to be automatic and download transactions on a regular basis. I got to the end of the trial period and there had been no more automated entries, so I was not overly impressed with the system as it managed to synchronise one time only!
I then received an email from QF telling me the trial had expired and I should pay £15 to continue. If it doesn’t work, then I won’t continue. However I also noted that if I did want to continue, the period would be backdated so its start coincides with the beginning of the trial period. That seems to be a bit cheeky!
Any ideas why the trial did not work as I expected? or did I just not set it up properly?

Hi @AdminOfficer,

When you set up the feed, the first refresh you are given the option to go back a number of days and pull in those transactions. This must have been what happened with you.

This feed should download overnight, if this wasn’t happening then there could have been a connection issue with the feed, removing and re-adding often fixes this, but if it doesn’t then we are able to investigate for you to find out the reason and help to resolve.

If you have a Power User subscription then the subscriptions will fall in line with eachother, but you will be charged pro rata, so for example if the PUS runs from 5th November 2020 - 5th November 2021 you will only be charged from today (20th) until 5th November 2021, so will only be charged for 50 weeks rather than 52 weeks

Hope this makes sense?

I’ll try again

How had you entered bank transactions prior to using the feed. If you manually entered transactions then of course it would download duplicates since its unluckily the manual entries you made, would match exactly the description given on the statements.

Thanks for that, I think that’s it. The bank description is about a mile long and full of characters that bear little relation to the sales accounts I have on record. Also I hadn’t expected the download to include dates prior to when I signed up for the feature. Lesson learned.

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