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Bank feeds for barclays and transferwise (wise)

Hi. I try to refresh expired feeds for both banks. I was doing it so many times but now I am a bit confused. When I click to refresh it redirects to list of banks but there is no Wise and no Barcleays(only barclaycard)

Hi @awariat

If they are not showing on the list then this may be because you already have a link set up for those banks. You are only able to create one link per bank.

When allowing the link you can select multiple accounts

Thank you. So what should i do now. I have one expired and one in 3 days. Where to click:). As i said after clicking the buttons it redirects me to list of banks. Where there is button connect to bank only.

Hi @awariat

You can revoke the link that’s there and then set it up again if the refresh isn’t working as expected?

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