Bank import from spread sheet failure

When upload bank account transactions I get this message …

Hmm, we can’t reach this page.

Try this
•Make sure that you’ve got the right web address:
•Refresh the page
•Search for what you want
This happens most of the time i.e at least every time I try to upload bank information and perhaps after 5 or 6 attempts it works. Though for the past 4 weeks I have not been able to get the upload to work at all. Getting a bit tired of this it is stopping me from working .

Hi @TheGardener

Are you able to walk me through what you’re doing to see this error please? For example - what page do you go to, what buttons are you cooking etc.

Also just to confirm, is the file format .CSV rather than an actual spreadsheet?

Yes its CSV, it doesn’t work with any other. I cut and paste a copy of my online bank statement into a csv sheet, then save it and close then go to the bank account in quickfile and press the upload tab. It presents a dropdown menu for my bank. I select Cooperative, and browse in the box below for my spread sheet on my hard drive that I have just saved.
It then waits a second or two and then crashes to the message. I repeat perhaps anywhere between 2 and 20 times , sometimes I give up sometimes it gets to the next screen where I have to correct the columns as they are defaulted in quick file in the wrong order for coop and have usually got to swap the second column usually number 4 but should be 2 then the forth column number 4 but should be 3. Then press enter and either it works or more often it waits and then reports the error again and I have to refresh the page which means I have to start again by browsing for my spread sheet etc on and on it can work first time, on rare occasions, but as I say when I sent the message I had not been able to upload since 9th May! I am getting fed up with it, I am in the process of expanding and will have to look for other software as this is not working reliably.

I also don’t like this blog thing I have said this before but I don’t get it? I am now paying for support I should not be sharing my problems with a community and I find it very difficult to navigate and to know when you have replied, feels like I am the one doing the work to fix your problem software.

One of us will send you a PM to get more information on this.

I’m sorry you’re frustrated, It is hard for us to know what the issue is if it’s only happening in isolated cases. We haven’t changed anything on the bank upload process for at least 9 months and I’ve not heard one other report describing this exact problem. There are all kinds of 3rd party extensions and anti-virus programs now that can intercept and block traffic.

As for the support, you are free to PM me or @QFMathew if you need to discuss anything privately. We do always respond here within 1 hour which is far quicker than many companies charging a lot more than we do for more personalised support.

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