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Bank made a mistake

Hi, I’ve got a little problem and hope someone can help me sort this out. I paid cash into my bank a/c. Let’s say £100. But the lady from the bank wrote £105 into my account. As she handed over the receipt to me I told her that I paid in just £100, not £105. So, she corrected my bank account and took back the £5. My problem is now that the amount I have in my cash book is not the amount I paid in (My cash book shows £100 but the bank account shows £105 paid in and £5 paid out. The lady from the bank wrote a letter for me that it was her mistake. But how do I write this into my quickfile books?

If someone could help me, would be great.
Thank you very much

If you have a bank feed so it is automatically bringing in the two transactions then you can delete these and then just process the £100 manually so that it matches your cashbook.

Or you can process it is £105 in and £5 out and add a description to the £5 saying banking error?

Hello QFBeth,
Thanks for your quick reply. Yes I use autom. feeds. Is it allowed to delete these transactions because my bank a/c and my bank statement shows still the true world?
If I use the second method, to which account to I write the £5? Bank charge?

to be honest, you may be best to use the first method. Yes if you delete the transactions that are automatically pulled through and then create your own £100 transaction I think that would be best.

Having a transaction of £100 is just merging the two so isn’t a problem :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. Your quick support is very appreciated.:slightly_smiling_face:

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