Bank Payments without a set up supplier

Hi - I want to post some purchases without having a supplier set up (eg petrol receipt) OR how do i post something to either the credit card or petty cash ensuring that the vat element is included?


  1. Click the ‘Tag Me!’ to tag the transaction on the bank.

  2. Then select ‘Something else not on this list’ .

  3. Enter the ‘Post to Account’.

  4. Enter the ‘Description’.

  5. Finally, click ‘Save’ to save the entry.

I hope that helps.

Nope sorry that does not work for me. Example: Go to petty cash account. Select input new transaction. Check date. Enter reference - eg Petrol, check Money Out and put in £10.

Select TAG that transaction. Select Something Else not on this list… Post to Account: Advertising. Add description. Click Save. Check chart of accounts - £10 posted to Advertising 6201 – nothing to VAT account.

Can you help please?

You cannot post directly to the nominal account if you’re VAT registered and you want to claim back the VAT on the purchase, in this case you would need to create a new purchase record, you can set up a general supplier called ‘Generic Fuel’ and post all fuel transactions to this supplier.

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