Bank Reconciliation Issues

Hello again Glenn

So far love the quickfile system but and it’s a big BUT…

I cannot get my head around the bank reconciliation feature at all. In the past I have used Sage, quicken, quickbooks, microsoft office accounts pro etc all they all have a feature where reconciled bank items are shown as such (usually with a tick or the likes next to them) and these previously reconciled items are then not presented the next time a account has to be reconciled.

I have tried to use the QF system and put in start and end dates according to the bank statement along with opening and closing figures but if payments are sent near the end of the bank period then they are not shown on the statement which means they totals never match?? Even if I do get the figures to match by moving payments around (not good!) then nothing happens - no reconcile report no locking of reconciled items etc?

As bank statements can arrive a few weeks after the end of the banking period trying to remember what happened a few weeks previously is impossible?

Is this something that will be looked into in the future?

Many thanks once again.

The reconciliation in QuickFile is somewhat basic compared to other accounting systems. We’ve always focused on real-time information coupled with bank tagging. In such a way you just pull in the latest transactions and match against your invoices. You can use the bank feed plugin and the automated feed to achieve this (Barclays users) and I think more options will start to appear in the next few years.

We’re open to the idea of improving our bank reconciliation tools in the mean time, predominantly through some method of excluding pre-reconciled items. I have to say it’s not our most popular feature request at this time, so it’s unlikely to be imminent, but it is something we’re thinking about.

Thanks as ever Glenn - will keep using and watching the software evolve.


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