Bank Reconciliation to Bank Statements

I know you have mentioned before a full bank statement would be a real problem for QF however I am wondering whether another option would be easy for you to add where by only a tick box is created next to the line item. This would therefore be easy to see if someone has entered a bank item since last reconciling where as at present it is near on impossible to spot the difference when an entry has been added/deleted.
THANK YOU - great work as always.

The reconciliation tool on the bank will automatically expand the statement view to 500 entries but it really just works as a way to cross-check a paper statement with what you have in QF. It allows an open and close date + balance to be entered and it will show you +/- how much the statement on QF is out by.

There’s no way to commit a reconciliation as such but when you’ve reconciled what you can do is lock the accounts up to that date to prevent any new entries from being inadvertently inserted. You can also manually lock your accounts to a specific date in Account Settings >> Account Lock.