Bank reconcilliation

There is a delay of many days between the Santander bank statement and the downloaded version.Also I cannot simply transfer from the download to the Q/F system. When I do download the question about a’clash’ comes up and I always seem to answer it wrong and have to go back to all the entries to tag or untag. If the figures are the same is that green or red to click on?

I use Santander and find no problem if you only use the quickfile bank feed, when requested the feed takes just a few minutes to arrives in quickfiles dashboard ready to process.

If I also occasionally use a manual download only the Santander txt one works, but due to that format the reference is slightly different so if I have selected an overlapping date it uploads some duplicate entries for the overlapping dates. It usually spots these and give you a red button to ignore the similar entries before uploading into the bank statement on quickfile

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