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Bank_Search API is returning incorrect balances

My API calls to the Bank_Search API are returning incorrect balances for the transactions. I am using JSON responses, but the issue appears the same when I check with XML using the API tester.

It looks like the negative of the CurrentBalance value from the metadata is used as a base, and then the transactions are added in the order they appear.

On one of my accounts, for example, the current balance is $35738.55. The first transaction from a balance of zero was a deposit of $1.00 to verify the account credentials. If I do a search I see this:

  "MetaData": {
    "RecordsetCount": 1,
    "ReturnCount": 1,
    "BankName": "(hidden)",
    "BankType": "MERCHANT",
    "AccountNo": "",
    "SortCode": "",
    "Currency": "USD",
    "CurrentBalance": 35738.55
  "Transactions": {
    "Transaction": [
        "TransactionDate": "2017-11-03T00:00:00",
        "Reference": "Test payment",
        "Notes": "",
        "Amount": 1.0,
        "Balance": -35737.55

The balance of -35737.55 is 1.00-35738.55, when it should be $1.00

If I specify dates or multiple results, it is apparent that the API endpoint is adding the transactions in the sequence listed, so if I reverse the order, then the balances are accumulated in the reverse.

If I query a date that has a $30000 withdrawal, then I get a balance of -65738.55 rather than the correct balance for that date.

Last year, the API was giving the correct results, so this is definitely a change (for the worse), but because I haven’t tried to use the API in the meantime, I don’t know when it was changed.

Hi @anthonywilliams

I’m not aware of any changes here, but I have asked a member of our development team to investigate.

I just wanted to say that this is still broken.

Hi @anthonywilliams

It’s still with our development team at the moment. As soon as we have an update, we will be sure to update you here.