Bank statement does not balance

Hi in my accounts I have several bank accounts one called dolly partnership as at statement 268 shows a different total as the individual transaction have narrowed it down to 1 day that is the 9th of december all the transactions are there on page 1 but over the page is one tesco’s transaction for 7.58 which does not go into the total, the daily total is therefore out be 7.58 which is the same problem when you get to the total for the bank statement out by 7.58

How do I correct this and get the statement again in line with the bank
thank you!

We checked and it looks fine, we weren’t able to identify any problems here.

Hi I assume you are in my system for the 9th of December the closing balance should be 294.68 it is 287.20 exactly 7.48 to low, the 7.48 is the tesco’s transaction on the top of the next page

the closing balance on the 6th was 466.75
there were 172.07 value of transactions between the two dates which is as on the hsbc statement as well as your system, this should give a closing balance of 294.68 on the 9th if what is show on the screen is added up however the system shows 287.20 which is in error and is then carried forward onto all future dates.

you are not missing any transactions just failing for some reason to count the 7.48 god and the lord computer know why???

After we checked yesterday we reverted it to support as it didn’t appear to be a bug. I have asked another colleague to look at this so we will leave in support unless we establish otherwise.

Can close call I can correct myself, the bank load has loaded the tesco’s transaction twice for some reason, only once in the csv file but I assume I can just delete the second one

Yes if there’s a duplicate you can delete it. If you’ve established what was causing the problem I will ask my colleague not to pursue this further.