Bank Statement Export to CSV Check Box Issue

Choose a bank account and view the statement page.

Without checking any boxes, click the export to CSV button. You get a warning that no records have been selected.

Then, tick the check box in the header (as if to SELECT ALL).

The function doesn’t work unless you reload the page.

Tick the check box in the header (as if to SELECT ALL)
All records are selected.
Tick the header check box to release all records.
Then tick it again to reselect all records… the function breaks at this point.

Using Chrome 64-bit / Windows 8.1

I couldn’t replicate BUG 1 but I was able to replicate BUG 2. I think this is due to a recent depreciation on Chrome with an older method in the JQuery library. I’ve passed this on for further inspection by our development team.

BUG 2 resolved, again not sure about BUG 1 perhaps it’s also solved due to the other fix we put in?

Thanks for reporting!

Hi Glenn, I can confirm that the bug has been fixed, and it seems Bug 1 has also been fixed by the same code.
Thanks very much.

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Excellent, thanks for letting me know!