Bank statements automatic feed

Hi - an account I hadn’t logged in for a while has not automatically updated the bank statements, but have now clicked to update the automatic feed. The last feed was in April 2014, will the system now go back and updated from the last time - i.e. 27 April 2014 or will I need to import these manually, thank you.

Is there a way of doing a ‘forced’ updated too?

Thank you, Russell

Barclays only allow you to go back 60 days so it may not be possible to retrieve data as far back as April? Have you tried downloading a CSV from Barclays to see how far back you can go?

When a feed is reactivated it will typically continue from that day without going back and retrieving historic data. If you PM me the QF account number I can take a look.

Hi - I can only go back to 6 June, which is a real pain - I hadn’t realised this was how it worked so will have to go back to manual input, thank you anyway

Register for online bank statements you can then go back quite a long way with PDFs of your statements :slight_smile:

I think the problem is getting that into QF. Barclays only go back with their CSVs 60 days (or there abouts), looks like somebody posted about this on the Barclays forum, may be a good idea to nag them.

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