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Bank Tag "Bank Transfer" link to send to the specific transaction


I have come across this a couple of times where I am in an accounts view.

I click on the tagging box of a transaction that is already tagged, I see it tagged as a transfer and I click on the link to the see the associated transaction in the other account but it takes me to the front page of that account view.

I think it would be much better to be taken to exactly that transaction in the other account.

Likewise, on clicking on a particular client, it would be nicer to go straight to that transaction in the clients account, not the front page of the client account as you already know who it is that you are wishing to view.

This probably has further uses in different tagging situations but I’ve not checked. It seems the status quo is to go to the top page of the account you want rather than the actual data you are after.



I agree that if we can zero in on the corresponding bank entry for a transfer that would be useful. I’ve asked for this to be looked into.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to here? For tagged invoices you have two links that will either take you to the client detail screen or the invoice detail screen.



Great thank you,

In your example. when you click on ‘Acme Print’, it takes you to the client ‘front’ page, not the transaction in the client payments page. We know who the client is, so logically/ergonomically speaking, I think it might be more efficient to go directly to the client payments page where you might want to see corresponding/associated payments. Is there a more useful reason for going to the clients ‘front’ page?

It’s all about fewer clicks! :slight_smile:

P.S. How are we going with the running tax liability display?



Personally I think that a link with the client name should link to the client detail screen, that would be the expected behaviour for me. I often use the client link to check other invoices and specifics about a client.

To include a link to the payment it would make more sense to change the word “payment” into a hyperlink? Would that work?

I’m afraid it’s not something we’re working on right now, however I will update the relevant thread should that change.



Ok, good idea.

Thanks for the reply to the other.

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We’ve just implemented 2 changes.

  1. The link for bank transfers will now take you directly to the corresponding entry rather than page 1 of the linked bank account.
  1. For client or supplier payments the word payment is now hyper-linked to the actual payment slip.

Hopefully that will improve the navigation and reduce some clicks!

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