Bank tagging against existing invoice entry

Say we have a Supplier named A.
When we receive an invoice on 30 day terms for A it is input manually into QF.
On 30th day a payment is made to A.
Automatic bank tagging is enabled for A.
However the automatic tagging creates a new invoice when tagging and leave the original invoice as unpaid.
Is there a way to match the payment on the 30th day automatically to the original manual invoice inputted?

Hi @spq123

The automatic bank tagging can’t tag to an existing invoice as there isn’t always a guarantee that it would be tagging to the correct invoice.

If you remove the auto, then once the payment appears in the bank you can select the tag button and the supplier and it should find the correct invoice for you to tag it against

Can the payment be allocated to a supplier as a prepayment to be applied to relevant invoice instead of creating a new invoice?

Hi @spq123

Yes you can set up a rule to hold the funds against the supplier as a prepayment if that is easier for you

This doesn’t save you any steps though and isn’t actually correct as it isn’t a prepayment.

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