Bank tagging and receipts tagging - can you do it once rather than twice?


it seems that purchases have to be created and tagged and there seems to be an unnecessary step. is it just me doing it wrong.

ive tried both ways and they both seems to involve two steps instead of one?

Method 1:
go into receipts hub.
load up the receipt.
create a purchase for this receipt.
it looks for a matching purchase to tag it to and doesnt find one.
create the purchase.

then go into bank accounts.
find the correspoindng amount.
click on tag.
tag this to the created purchase done above.

this seems like this could all be done in one step.
when creating the purchase from the receipt hub, can this not auto search the bank account to find a matching amount and tag it all together?

method 2.
go into bank statements.
find a transaction that needs tagging.
tag it to create a purchase.

then go into receipt hub.
load up the receipt.
put in the amount and it usually searches for purchases and you can tag it to that.

this again is a two step process just like above but the opposite way around.

Cant this all be done as one process?
get the receipt, put in the amount on the receipt, search for a matching bank amount, create a purchase and the receipt and bank purchase are all tagged together?


Hi @adnw,

You can do it all in one when you create the purchase by marking the invoice as paid. This will create the bank entry and tag it. The only thing with this is that if you have an automatic bank feed it will end up duplicating the bank transaction side of things.

Another way is to go back into the invoice (edit) and you can attach the file from there rather than the receipt hub.

Other than that, there is no shortcut.

Hope this helps

yes i have auto bank feeds and so it does create a duplicate.

i would have just thought it would be easy to implement so that it searched for matching transactions in the bank at the same time to eliminate an extra step needed.


Just a note on this:

It will search based on the payment date and amount you enter in the receipt hub. If it finds a matching entry, it will prompt you to use the existing entry.

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