Bank tagging directors wages vs normal wages


I’ve been using quickfile since last year. I set up a rule for tagging salary paid to myself as the director (limited company) however it does not seem to have put the appropriate entries in to show this so they are just being shown as net wages. What do i need to do to rectify this?



Tagging the bank payment is only half the story, as you’ve discovered that just posts a credit on the bank and debit net salaries. You also need to use journals to move the relevant amounts from gross wages / directors salary and employer’s NI over to the net salaries and PAYE liability nominals to balance out the bank payments. If you run your payroll through The Payroll Site then it has a facility to enter the relevant journals directly into QuickFile for you.

There are several other threads on here explaining how it works, try searching for “payroll journals”.

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Thank you. It confused me how when I tagged it as a director it automatically added the journal entries but when it was done via the rules (even though director check box was ticked) it didn’t. So I ended up with a few done correctly.

I understand now. Thanks very much for a prompt response.


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