Bank Tagging issues since latest update


Up to a few hours ago, we could do bank tagging very fast. Now there is a new box ‘reference’ preventing speed.

Previously to this we could copy and paste the description from the bank into the tagging description.

Now we have to write the description manually and we have lost the option to copy/paste as it does not validate the description in the reference box when text is copied and pasted.

Please could you see to this?

Thank you

Hi @ElpisBS

I’m not seeing any issues here - I’m still able to copy and paste and import the last used description.

Are you able to show me a screenshot of exactly you’re seeing the issue please, and I’ll ask someone to take a look at this? If the screenshot contains any private information, feel free to send it to me in a PM

I suspect it’s in relation to the following feature request, which looks to have now gone live:

Splitting transactions - description box

This update allows users to add detail at the line level (as split tagging creates a journal in the background), rather than using a single description for all lines. We can certainly revisit this and try to adapt to allow for fast entry while still supporting those users who want to include the detail per line.

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