Bank Tagging - Manually tag vs confirm


SInce the new update the option to manually tag indtead of ‘confirm’ is not working. When chosing ‘manually tag’, the system automatically confirm what needs to be tagged. We then have to detag and ‘manually tag’ again.

Could you please see to this?

Thank you

Hi @ElpisBS

I’ve tried to replicate this, and I’m seeing the following:

Clicking ‘Manually Tag’ brings up the normal tagging box as expected:

Can you confirm what browser you are seeing this on please, and whether you are seeing any errors?

Today we’ve made updates to allow for descriptions to be entered on split tagging per row (as per my other reply). To my knowledge we’ve not made any changes to the way bank entries flagged by tagging rules are confirmed/modified.


We should have a release out later today that will allow you to just use as a single description for faster entry.


We use both internet explorer and google. We have had the same complain from 2 of our clients. This may indicate that there are issues on the user side of things. Who knows.

Thank you.

I’ve have a similar problem (for quite a while now),
no “Manual tag” or “confirm” buttons just this message when I click on the orange Confirm button of imported bank transactions.

Link for screenshot of the message

It shows that you have Auto Tagging enabled, in which case the system will automatically tag it for you based on your rule.

If you want to confirm manually (see below) you’d need to switch off auto-tagging.

This option is in Banking >> Bank Tagging Rules.

Can those two 2 buttons be added to the popup, instead of only being able to modify the rule from the pop up?

They would be a great help when the odd auto tag picks up a transaction that contains a bank rule text, but should not be tagged that way.
Currently we have to wait until the confirm changes to tagged before un-tag those odd transactions then re-tag them.

It can’t really work like, the reason the buttons are hidden is to prevent the background auto-tagging task from duplicating or contradicting something you have invoked manually. The only way to have those buttons and the choice to confirm/manually tag is to switch off auto-tagging.