Bank tagging multiple amounts

We take payments by interest free credit and need to tag more than one payment to an amount listed on our bank account, how do I do it please?


Hi Julie,

I’m not sure I quite follow, is it one big payment that you need to tag to smaller invoices?

Hi Beth,

Yes it’s one large payment that I need to tag to different invoices.

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Hi @Ensign,

If they are for the same supplier then you can click Tag > Payment to supplier (top option) and then there is a pay down multiple invoice button:


Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Beth,

It’s not a supplier, it’s different sales invoices to different customers sometimes on different accounts.

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sorry, it would work the same the other way around but it would have to be the same client. If its for multiple clients then you would need to enter different payments for each client and remove the ‘big’ payment from your bank

Hi Ensign,

If I have a bigger amount for different invoices and different customers I like to keep the big amount on my current bank account for reference purpose. For that reason I created a kind of holding bank account in the bank section within quickfile.
Then I tag the big amount on the current account as a “Transfer between accounts” and click this holding account. Inside the holding account I enter manually the transaction for each invoice and tag them to that invoice. When you are done the balance on your holding account should be back to zero.

Hope this helps.


Thank you, that sounds like a good idea.

Sounds like a good idea. When you created a new holding account did you list it as a bank account or petty cash etc?

Thank you for your help Beth

No problem,

With the holding account it doesn’t particularly matter too much what sort of account you set it up as, but if you are receiving cheque/bank payments I would set up as a bank account personally

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