Bank Tagging Pie Chart Percentages

I’m looking at the red and green tagging icon at the top, and I think there maybe something wrong with it. Mine says 88% untagged and 11% tagged(approx figures). This I think maybe the wrong way round, as I only have a few untagged items now.


Let me quote Glenn’s post from the old forum:

This is a bit of a weird one to explain. But the logic behind the pie-chart is as follows… The system starts by looking for the earliest untagged transaction, it then takes this along with the current date to work out what percentage of transactions are untagged in this period. If your 3 items are in chronological order and there aren’t any newer tagged transactions this will deem to be 100% untagged.

Of course this is not actually the case, however if we showed the real percentage it would diminish towards zero the more transactions you churn into the system. Thus it becomes fairly useless and the slice would be so thin you wouldn’t be able to land your mouse pointer on it.

I hope that explains things, let me know if you need any further help.


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