Bank Tagging Problems

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I have several invoices showing untagged that i have marked as paid, but the payment date is different to the date on the bank statements. How do i change these so the correct amount is tagged to the invoice, I assume you have to mark the invoice as unpaid somehow and then retag only in the banking option. How is this easily resolved as must happen an awful lot?

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If you view the invoice in question you will see the payment attributed to it, you can then delete the payment.

If you tag payments from the bank account rather than adding payments to the invoice that would see you right. It’s how I’ve always done it.

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Not necessarily - marking the invoice as paid will have created a pre-tagged transaction on your bank account, albeit one with the wrong date. Find this transaction on the bank statement, click on its date in the left hand column and correct it there, and this will change the payment date on the invoice to match.

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