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Bank Tagging & Receipt Hub

This is easiest to explain with an example…
A purchase is made costing £35,000. It is settled with 2 payments of £15K & £25K.
In the bank screen, it is possible to select the 2 payments out and create a single purchase transaction for the £35K…all OK to here

BUT …when you go into the receipt hub, QF can’t match the £35K invoice to a £35K payment, but it can be linked to the £15K or £25K payment.

It looks like Receipt hub is searching through the bank payments looking for a match instead of taking account that some invoices may have been settled with multiple payments.

Hi @Scooby_7

Please can you try and explain again what you mean as I’m not sure I quite follow

OK let’s put it a different way. An invoice comes in and you forward it to the receipt hub.
The invoice is settled using more than one payment from the bank.

In the bank account screen it is possible to select several payments and click to create a purchase for the full amount of the invoice (ie the total of all the payments). Up to here is OK

If you now go to receipt hub to link the receipt to the transaction, QF isn’t “finding” the purchase but if I enter one of the payment amounts used to settle the invoice it works OK.

I guess the issue is that when matching in the receipt hub it seems to be looking for matching sums in the bank ledger not the purchase ledger

Does that help?

Hi @Scooby_7

Thank you for clarifying - I understand what you are doing now. When you create an invoice from multiple transactions in the bank it may seem that you are only creating one invoice but if you go into the supplier you will see that it creates more than one invoice, it will create one invoice per payment but with the same description. This will be why when trying to find the invoice from the receipt hub you are unable.

You may be best to leave the payments untagged, create the invoice from the receipt hub and then tag the payments to the invoice after it’s been created

Ah I see… :thinking:… So when i thought i was finding AN invoice using either bank entry, I was actually findinf TWO invoices with the same description … Yours is a better way and it solves the problem


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