Bank tagging rule for directors salary

I’ve added a salary payment for a director in the normal banking screen, tagged it as an Employee Salary (PAYE), entered the persons name, ticked the ‘Tick if Director’ box and then selected it to be created as a rule. This adds the payment to account 7001 - Directors Salaries. When the rule runs on any future payments, however, it’s not picking up the fact the salary payment is for a director and adds it to 7003 - NET Staff Salaries Paid.

If I edit the rule I can’t see a tick box to indicate the payment is for a director.

Unfortunately the directors salary distinction was added after bank tagging rules were created. It seems this option hasn’t been mirror across. For now I will refer this to an engineer to be reviewed.

I am having the same problem. Is this being looked at and when can we expect it to be resolved please? It would be a great enhancement to tagging rules. Thanks

We’ve implemented this fix on our development application, this should be reaching the live system in the next few days.

Fantastic cant wait!

I’m pleased to say that I was able to expedite this and it’s now fixed on the live system. You can modify any existing rule and you will now see a tick box to flag as Director salary. This will now automatically deposit to the correct nominal code.

Hi Glenn,

Thant’s brilliant. Thanks for getting it fixed so quickly.


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Is this still a feature? When I attempt to tag a directors salary there is no tick box option for directors…

If you select the PAYE option when tagging from the bank the tick box should appear.

Hi Glenn, thanks for your reply

Yes, I have selected that and my box looks identical to the one you have shown but there is no tick box available.

This is what mine looks like:

@Louis_Burgess your Quick File account is setup as a non-limited partnership. This option will only appear for limited companies.

Ah okay, thanks, we were originally a partnership and went limited a year or so after signing up, it says I cannot change it now, is there anything that can be done about this? Many thanks for all your help Glenn

No problem, glad to help!

The limited company accounts need to be kept completely separate from the previous non-limited partnership as the limited company is a distinct legal entity. I would recommend opening a new QF account for your your limited company. If you need me to move across all your client and supplier records to the new account I can do this for you. Unfortunately I can’t move invoices or anything else from the old account.

Oh god… looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me then! haha

Yes I would relish any help you can offer. If you could transfer the records that would be massively appreciated! The new account is

Many Thanks!

All clients and suppliers have been successfully imported to the new account.

Many thanks Glenn!

I have one query however - is it possible for you to change the settings so the old account is for the limited company and the new account is for the partnership? As opposed to making a new account for the limited company because changing everything over is an absolute mammoth task and would be much easier to make a new account for when we were a partnership and simply delete those transactions and accounts from the old quickfile account

Unfortunately it uses a different nominal structure which can’t be changed, it needs to handle all kinds of tricky scenarios to change an account. We may eventually write a script to handle this but it’s not something we can support at this time, the script in itself is complicated and needs to be carefully tested.

Have you thought about just importing the bank statements from your LTD company and bank tagging everything? It shouldn’t take too long this way.

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