Bank transfer information on payment screen

the bank integrations are ace, but most of my customers pay by bank transfer and now they’ve got the option to pay by paypal they’re starting to do that instead (which is bad as paypal charge), so would be nice to have bank transfer and simply the information as an option - as currrently im putting the details in the extra field invoice my invoice.

thanks and love the software


Somewhere on this screen?

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yeah, that would be epic

I’ve converted it to a feature request for now. I can’t promise anything but it may garner some interest from other users.

In the mean time I’d take a look at the GoCardless integration we have, this will work out to be much more cost effective than PayPal. Unfortunately the processing times are much slower (as it uses the Direct Debit infrastructure) so won’t suit all scenarios.

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I put my vote in for this feature


Go cradles was an optional payment in the client set up, has that now changed ? Or can all 3 payment options be switched off if required in the client details?
I also prefer some clients to only have the Bacs option for making a payment.


No it hasn’t changed, it’s still there as an option you can disable for specific clients.

Hi, Sorry to revive such an old thread.

I’m new to QuickFile, was this feature ever added? I simple text box with the bank details in would suffice!

After having a good explore of Quick file I really like it, however not having bank transfer as a payment option seems like a huge omission.

Hi @Ralph_stokes

There hasn’t been any changes I’m afraid.

You can, however, add your bank details to the “Payments” box on the invoice itself.