Bank transfer Tagging between accounts


Last time I tagged a transfer between two accounts, QF asked me if it was a certain transaction from a drop down list. This behaviour has stopped. In essence, I am only now allowed to create a new transcation in the other account now and delete the other (downloaded) transaction. Being a natural-born-pedant, I like to (and I think its good practice) keep the downloaded transactions unadulterated - I can therefore show (anyone that has an interest) that my accounts are consistent etc. The account I am working on is CTAG and the specfic date is 14-4-2018 (250.00).

Am I going mad because I could have sowrn that this feature used to be there?

Thanks, Tim

Hello @MPF

This is still in place. I’ve just given this a quick go to make sure and it shows up, and it has shown all OK for me.


Are there any particular places you’re not seeing this? Are the dates and amounts matching on both bank accounts?

Yes - that’s the behaviour I was expecting but this is all I get… my process…

  1. Click tag
  2. Click transfer between accounts
  3. Expecting what you have but I only get

Screenshot removed

If you click “Save”, do you see the option to select a transaction, or does it just change it to “Tagged”?

(I removed your screenshot by the way as it shows your transactions)

Thanks for the delete - save just creates the new entry in the other account. It doesn’t advance me to a new dialogue box :frowning:

(and tags it)…

Hmm, that doesn’t sound quite right! Let me send you a private message and we can take a look for you.

Look for the green notification in the top right hand corner shortly.

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