Banking and Petty Cash Tagging

On the extreme right hand side of bank account and petty cash listings there is an ‘X’ adjacent to Tagging status. Some of these are red coloured others remain grey coloured. What is the significance please.

Hello @Jasper

The red “X” allows you to delete transactions.

When this is greyed out you can not delete them.

This is most probably because you a re on cash accounting and the payment has been included in a VAT return and is “VAT Locked”

You can check this by clicking on “Tagged” then click on the “Payment” link

The payment preview screen will appear and you will see a message like the one below


Other reasons for the grey X include when the transaction in question is part of a journal - and this can happen without you explicitly creating a journal, for example any time you tag as “something not on the list” and split the amount across more than one nominal code, then a journal is created in the background. To delete transactions that came from a journal you have to delete the journal itself.

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