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Banking reporting for foreign currency

My base currency is GBP, but I also have a EUR bank. For tax purposes, I need to report income and expenditure in both EUR and GBP based on nominal codes, So, for example, I may have a bank account entry of 80EUR for water rates, so I tag this to nominal code 7102. When I look at nominal 7102 I see 75GBP (or whatever) which is sort of OK, but I don’t see that this is really 80EUR.

There doesn’t seem to be any report that will let me report on the bank transactions that will show me the nominal code that a transaction has been tagged against.

If I export from the banking transaction screen, it just says TAGGED or NOT TAGGED,
If i look at the manual or automatic backup, again it just says TAGGED or NOT TAGGED.
If I use the API, it just has the date, value, notes, reference and balance.

Is it possible to show the Nominal Code against transaction in the Bank_Search API and/or backup and/or show the original currency value as well as the GBP value on the journal, please?

Hi @bernie,

There are no options for this at the moment but we will leave the feature request open to see if other people may be interested