Barclay feed has been paused and not running

I logged in to my account at the weekend to start tagging but noticed my Barclays feed had been stopped as I had not logged in for a while. I set the feed back up but it is not running. I have checked the details and entered them again to be sure.

How do I get it running again ? Also how do i stop it being paused if I don’t login for a while ?


Hi @mike_c

The feed runs at 4am every morning, with the exception of Sunday and Monday as no transactions are recorded over the weekend. I can see that there have been transactions imported a few hours ago for you.

You’re not able to prevent it from being paused unfortunately. This is in place to preserve resources, so if you don’t log in for a period of time (I’ll have to double check the exact length of time) it will pause itself.

However, as you can see, it’s easily set back up again.

Hope this helps

We recently increased the auto-pause threshold to 4 months. If you PM either @QFMathew or I we can manually run this for you, we just need to know your QF account number.

Thanks, the transactions have imported today. I was not aware it didn’t run on Mondays which makes sense. 4 months before it pauses will be fine as I login every few months. I was just surprised when I saw the message as it is a paid account.

All good now.


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