Barclaycard BCP feed stopped importing (again)

Hello, our Barclaycard BCP feed has stopped working again.

I’ve tried numerous manual refreshes, and the daily overnight ones, but we’ve received nothing since 23 March, and there are a lot of transactions waiting to import.

You were able to fix a similar issue last September. Please could you help again?

Thank you.

Hello @waltmanc

If you like I can try manually running the feed from 24/03/2022 to date.

Do you know roughly how many transactions are missing?

It’s about a dozen transactions.

Hello @waltmanc

If you like I can try manually running the feed what date range would you like me to use?

Please go back to 11 March 22.

Hello @waltmanc

I have successfully run the feed for you. (18 Transactions).

Please check the feed and make sure you do not have any duplicates.

Strange… I’ve just gone to the account page and no new transactions are showing. I’ve re-run the feed and those 18 have not appeared. Sorry.

Hello @waltmanc

I have just got our Development team looking into it now as It is finding them but not importing them.

I will post back here when I hear back from them.

Hello @waltmanc

Looking at the feed the transactions which came through between the 11/03 and the 23/03 are showing as booked (Complete/Settled) and are already showing in your data.

The remaining ones are still classified as pending and will not import until they are showing as booked (Complete/Settled)

Hello Steve, does this basically mean that your systems have no problems, but it’s the Barclaycard end which is just being very very slow to “complete/settle” the transactions? (This would not surprise me, as their systems’ performance is variable.)

Hello @waltmanc

When the feed runs QuickFile is seeing the transactions but it will only import them when the status is booked (Complete/Settled). Depending on the Bank and the transaction this can sometimes take a while.

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