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Barclaycard business feed

Not seen a recent post on this so starting a new topic. I had my feed nicely set up and working fine. Today it’s not able to refresh saying destination URL is not configured. My current account feed is working fine but I don’t use this for transactions and rely on my credit card 90% of the time.

Any ideas if others are struggling with this?

Hi @benphuntington,

Is your Current feed also set up with Yodlee? It may be worth trying to remove the Yodlee feed and setting it up again. If it is still not working then let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks Beth I have stopped and re-started both bank feeds from my current account and credit card account and they seem to be linked up now. Of course I can only start them again from today so I still have to manually upload the transactions from the previous couple of weeks. It’s been a real waste of time this afternoon - if the problem continues I’ll quit the bank feeds and ask for a refund of the £18 or so I paid to set this up. I like Quickfile and will continue to use but I am not happy with the bank feed system so far.

Your support is really appreciated.


Hi @benphuntington

If you manually refresh the feed you can enter your own start date. You can start this as far back as the bank supports (although this does vary from bank to bank). Just go to More Options >> Refresh Bank Feed from the bank statement view.

Let me know if you need any help and we’ll try our best to get this working and up to date for you.