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Barclaycard Business



I’ve tried to get my new Business Barclaycard set up with Yodlee bank feeds but it does not recognise my credentials - I think there is a new step in the logon where you have to confirm the first 6 digits of your card and are directed to a specific site to log on for newer cards. Can you help?


Hi @Paul_H

What web address do you use to log into your account? I’ve found the following 2:

If you do a search for the bank for barclaycard, you should see something similar to this:

The first business option is for the top link above, and the second business option (“New”) is for the bottom link above.


Managed to get it working on the new link - thanks


Just FYI - the Barclaycard Business feed is a mess. You’ll get lots of duplicate and duff transactions because it feeds you with “pending” transactions and card validation charges.