Barclaycard commercial feed broken again

Hello, since 18th August we’ve received no transactions on the Yodlee feed. It just says “no transactions found” even though I can see some on Barclaycard’s own site.
Please could you assist.

Hi @waltmanc,

Have you tried manually refreshing the feed? If you do the refresh do you see any errors?

Hello Beth, I’ve tried a few times each day (since it stopped working last weekend). Each time, same result - “no new transactions to display” but I know they’re there, because I can see them if I log into the Barclaycard Commercial website.
I have tried setting different dates, too.

Hi @waltmanc

I’ve done a manual refresh on the account and set the date to that of your last transaction. We’ve successfully pulled in 5 missing transactions for you.

Thank you - fixed :slight_smile:

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